YUnique Marketing Ltd was founded in March 2016 and is dedicated to supporting ambitious businesses with a comprehensive strategic marketing service to enable them to achieve their business goals.

Our core function is providing a Consulting Chief Marketing Officer service. We use our 20+ years of senior marketing experience to provide the expertise and leadership of a CMO, but without the attendant time and financial costs of recruitment, salary and package required to find and retain a permanent hire. Instead, we operate on an on-demand basis; we are only there when you need us to be.

We work with a trusted, proven team of Associates; leading high level marketing specialists in their respective fields, who are brought in – also on an on-demand basis – to fulfil specific marketing planning and execution roles as required. We can manage their engagement for you, to free up your time and focus on the big picture.

We also bring our “Little Black Book”, the Consulting CMO’s hard-won valuable network of exceptional, proven and reliable support agencies to further save you time and cost.

We have the resources and contacts to ensure you achieve results, fast.

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