Depending on the services required, typically our proposals include:

A Scope of Work

A Plan Outline

A Draft Timeline

An Investment Schedule

After you’ve reviewed the proposal, we need to get your feedback. This will help us address any questions you might have and ensure that it fulfils your objectives. We want to ensure that we are headed together in the right direction from the start.

We understand that the clock is ticking. You may be yet to hire marketing staff. You may have a marketing leadership gap in your team. You’ll have ambitious business goals that you need marketing support for. And, hopefully you will be as excited as we are at the prospect of collaborating together. Rest assured we’ll start the engagement as immediately as possible.

Just like building a house, so too the foundations for a great working relationship need to be set correctly. As soon as we are agreed on the proposal elements and the relevant paperwork is in place we’ll get stuck in supporting your business growth plans.

Engagement then commences with our Signature Workshop.


You need to be 100% committed to the engagement with us and consider us part of YOUR TEAM. That’s just how we will engage with you. We want the very best for the businesses that choose to engage with us.

We will work hard to get you the best business results as YOUR Chief Marketing Officer.

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