Our Values

Our corporate values follow the three qualities that underpin all successful businesses and through our work our clients are encouraged to integrate them into their culture too:


  • Stand out, get noticed
  • Make an impact, became the disruptor
  • Be memorable to attract your audience
  • Don’t hide your innovation, be proud of it


  • Don’t let fear hold you back
  • Try new approaches, test and learn
  • Challenge yourself, question your limits
  • Use creativity to unleash your brand


  • Don’t follow the crowd, carve your own path
  • Be original, flaunt your uniqueness
  • Zig whilst others are zagging, find your niche
  • Be authentic, gain credibility

Our Vision

As the 21st century progresses, the shift of power of influence is moving inexorably from governments to corporations and businesses.

We believe private enterprise, done correctly, can be a force for good and excellent marketing strategy is a cornerstone of excellent business.
We strive to bring strategic marketing excellence within reach of ambitious SMEs, not just the large corporations.

Here at YUnique Marketing, we particularly support the United Nations Goal for Sustainable Development #8, “Decent jobs and economic growth for all”.

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