The briefing stage gives us several opportunities to get to know one another and assess the match between us. As we conclude each discussion we both decide whether to progress to the next stage or not. The path to success always starts with a good brief, but don’t worry we’ll quickly lead you through the steps to give us the best briefing possible.

*NDA’s – we prefer to sign these early on so we can be as open as necessary with one another and talk freely. This helps save time so we can deliver FASTer.

** If at any stage prior to the first workshop and prior to signing our contract, we agree that our engagement is not suitable, there is no cost or further obligation to continue working together.

Introductory call (30 minutes)

We discuss high-level needs & book an exploratory meeting.

Exploratory meeting (Face-to-face or Skype 1 hour)

We explore the business requirements & sketch the potential scope of work.

Optional Hands-on session (2 hours)

We get broader viewpoints & examine an element of current marketing execution.
(Best combined with the exploratory meeting)

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