Establishing your Brand

Your brand has the potential to be the best asset you have to deliver your mission – and it can be the best way people can engage in that mission.

Why? Because a well-defined brand will capture the essence of what you do and communicate that to all the people who need to know – starting with your own team.

It’s the DNA of a business – it’s who you are.

Sometimes though, that DNA is never expressed, is forgotten, or the company has evolved so much that the brand is simply not seen as relevant anymore. So you end up not being able to define what makes you different, with a lack of clarity about your key messages and little idea about the relevant benefits you deliver to your customers.

The Brand Engagement Workshop is a practical and inspiring one day workshop that will identify the gap between how you express your brand and the business it is meant to be representing. Through a series of engaging individual and group exercises, the workshop will then explore how that gap can be bridged.

The workshop will be tailored to your specific requirement, which might be the shaping of a high-level brand strategy, the construction of a key messaging hierarchy, the generation of a new brand name or a sub-brand strategy or the creation of new marketing campaign themes.


Depending on those particular requirements the workshop can deliver:

Brand Vision: a succinct brand vision or ‘destination’ captures the business ambition the brand has to support

Barrier and Drivers: the drivers the team can leverage and the barriers to be overcome to meet that vision

Positioning: will define the essence of your offer. It can be used to drive the development communications and help the team ‘sense check’ its strategic choices

Proposition: an expression of the positioning that is clear and motivating for all stakeholders

Values: 6 values that will help get a sense of the character of the brand and how it expresses itself through written and visual communications

Target Audience: a high-level definition of the key stakeholders across sectors, their roles, requirements and expectations

Key Messaging Framework: a framework to identify key stakeholders and to shape the most appropriate messaging for each one

Brand Name and Sub-Brand Name: Defining or refining the how the brand is expressed through a naming hierarchy

Participants should come to the workshop equipped with an open mind and a willingness to hear others’ points of view. The sessions are always engaging, positive and will deliver tangible results that can be applied to the client’s business.

Workshop to be led by:
Consulting Brand Strategist Bruce McKinnon

Pricing: From £2550 + VAT (1 day facilitating + 2 days analysis and reporting)


  • Introductions
  • Confirm agenda and objectives
  • Creative Exercise
  • Defining the overarching objective of the business
  • Barriers to and the drivers for that objective
  • Understanding the brand’s relevance
  • Defining what makes it different
  • Defining the brand’s character
  • Creating a messaging hierarchy
  • Putting it all together in a brand strategy

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