Brexit – Survive or Thrive? Consult your marketing team

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So, what happens next? And, what does this mean to Start-ups and SMEs? Initially, what happens next could just be business as usual for some time. No physical button has been pressed yet. Time will be needed to build the right team in government to shape the precise details for our future plan outside of the EU. And, time will be needed to manage the negotiations and implement the plan. Having time to prepare and adjust could be a good thing. Or, you could already start to feel the impact caused by uncertainty creep in. Your customers may be reluctant to take buying decisions, your staff might be distracted by their own worries, or your costs might be increasing. During the EU Referendum campaign, it was suggested that UK business experts would be deployed alongside politicians to support the planning and the negotiations. To think that UK businesses will get to play a role in this process, gives me the confidence that there’ll be a sound plan in place – to help UK Plc take its new place on the world stage. I hope that gurus from the corporate business world AND entrepreneurs and innovators in Start-ups and SME’s get approached to participate and contribute. It’s with all business and industry perspectives considered, we’ll stand the best chance to get the best plan to support business and help boost growth. I also hope that plans are not rushed, but equally we do not debate too long and cause unnecessary damage. I believe Start-up and SME business have more to offer too. Over the years of working with business owners and entrepreneurs, I’ve witnessed worthy characteristics and what I call a business survival spirit:
  • The extraordinary levels of sacrifice, self-belief, optimism, positivity and energy.
  • The desire to break away from corporate bureaucracy, to be free to act with speed and agility.
  • The need to take control of ones own destiny, to improve our lives and the lives of our children.
  • The resolute focus to make the world a better place, to leave a meaningful legacy.
  • The deep understanding of what it means to take responsibility for building and growing a business.
  • The ability to spot opportunities where others do not and to turn networks into sales channels.
Whilst society may get caught up in the worry of what Brexit means, maybe the Start-up and SME business world’s positive mental attitude can help us look beyond the fear of the unknown to help us focus on the potential. Naturally operating outside of the EU will bring challenges to overcome, but probably some great business opportunities too. For example:
  • New territories to expand into.
  • New markets to sell to.
  • New trade deals and partnerships to forge.
  • New talent to attract and grow.
No doubt the savvy and experienced businesses who have successfully navigated turbulent times before will have already started to come to terms with the inevitable change, to understand the implications of it and to adapt – laying the groundwork for what’s to come so they are ready to act fast. Amongst others they will also be consulting their marketing teams. Paying close attention to existing customer relationships to retain market share, researching and gathering market and customer insight, reviewing product roadmaps and amending plans and messaging as they identify where the new opportunities will come from. If you have not considered the potential or taken any of these strategy and planning actions yet, then I’d kindly urge you to do so and consult your marketing team for insight and support as soon as possible. Seek out ALL the experts you need to help you define your new strategic direction, build new growth plans, and work out how you will operate in the new world. Now is the time for Start-ups and SME’s to come forward, and demonstrate their value to our economy. And, not just survive, but set in motion the actions to thrive.
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