If only half of organisations survive for more than 5 years and only one third make it to 10, what’s the one thing you could do to ensure your company is sustainable? The answer is to create a growth strategy for your business that looks at all parts of it and ensures that sales, marketing, HR and your finances are all pulling the same direction.

Most small companies have plans to grow their business and increase sales and profits. However, there are certain methods companies must use to develop their growth strategy.

This workshop will guide your thinking about how to construct and implement your own EFFECTIVE growth plan.

So, whether you wish to increase your turnover and profits or exit via sale of your business within a certain timeframe, this one day workshop will help you to understand where to start and get you thinking about how you answer some of the tough questions on growth.

For maximum effectiveness, all the key decision makers should attend this workshop.

Participants should come to the workshop with an open mind and a willingness to hear others’ points of view. The sessions are always engaging, positive and will deliver tangible results that can be applied to the client’s business.

Workshop to be led by:
Consulting Business Growth Director Alpa Shingadia

Pricing: This full-day intensive workshop is priced from £1500 + VAT + Expenses (1x Full Day Workshop + Delivery of Workshop Report)


  • Introductions
  • Overview of your business – how you started, what you’ve achieved and overview on what your product/service is
  • Company structure – Who are the key people in the team
  • Where do you want to go? – Your goals and aspirations. Do you want to exit your business in a certain timeframe? How much capital or income do you want to exit with?
  • Current turnover and balance sheet – What do this year’s figures look like? What were the figures for the previous few years?
  • Sales forecast – What is the sales target set and what is in the pipeline currently? Is your sales team functioning well enough?
  • What marketing are you currently doing? Is it working? Is marketing working well with the sales side of the business?
  • What changes can be made over the next quarter from this workshop that will help with growth?
  • Summary report of key take-away points and next steps

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