Take control and transform your digital strategy – a smart strategy is non-negotiable.

Digital Marketing is a forever transforming industry, and that change is happening at a blistering pace.

These rapid and continuous evolvements in the digital arena create barriers and challenges for many businesses and gaining an understanding of where your business currently stands is key to developing a strategy to transform the way your business reacts to these changes.

The initial aim of the Digital Strategy Workshop is to take brands and businesses through the evolving digital landscape and how it currently works; from the foundations of understanding Google Search, through to the endless feeds of Social Networking platforms, the chaos of Email Marketing & Lead Generation etc.

Then we will help you assess your current level of Digital Maturity and guide you towards taking advantage of the most effective and suitable options available.

We will help you understand:

  • Your Digital Maturity
  • How Digital has Impacted your Business
  • The pressures it has created
  • How Innovative your Business currently is
  • Who your current and future customers are
  • Establishing which Digital Strategies are available to the business
  • How these strategies can be implemented based on your goals
  • How to measure and improve your new strategies

Working through this process with you allows us to help you develop Digital Strategies to stay on top of the market and to be as flexible and innovative in your digital marketing approach as possible. And this is done whilst making sure you stay on budget and looking after your bottom line.

Workshop to be led by:
Consulting Digital Director Andy Simpson

This full-day intensive workshop is priced from £1400 + VAT + Expenses (1x Full Day Workshop + Delivery of Workshop Report)


  • Introductions
  • Establish your current Digital Maturity from the ground up
  • Assessment of your current Digital Activity
  • Establish who is in control of your Digital Activity
  • Who are your current and future customers?
  • What are the business goals?
  • Establish strategies to make an impact
  • Align new strategies and business goals

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