What is PR and why does my business need it?

Does it mean having to throw a glitzy party? Will I have to go on TV and get grilled? Will a journalist just twist my message and confuse or put off potential customers?

Public relations can seem like a black art. Our one day workshop demystifies PR and explains the basics of how to communicate messages through earnt channels and what to consider when doing it in-house or working with a consultant or agency. You’ll learn what media want, how to approach them and how to give yourself the best chance of getting your name and messages seen in the right places.

The day will mix strategic instruction with practical exercises and media training. The atmosphere will be relaxed and there will be time for questions as we go.

We will look at:

  • What is PR? How Public Relations differs from marketing and what are common elements and tools of PR strategy
  • The media challenge: Matching your messages to the media’s requirement for engaging content
  • Target Audiences: Looking at the key stakeholders across sectors, their roles, requirements and expectations
  • Effects: The action you want audiences to take
  • Messaging: What will spur your audiences to take the action you want
  • Channels: What forms of media will help you reach audiences with the right messages
  • Self help: What you can do to improve your profile, where resource isn’t available for a fuller campaign
  • Working with a practitioner: What a PR consultant or agency will require to work effectively such as background information, imagery and other collateral
  • What to look for when hiring: What factors to consider when contracting for external PR help

Workshop to be led by:
Consulting PR Director Matt Fincham

Intensive one day workshop including preparation and video interview training: £1,840 + VAT + expenses


  • Introductions
  • Confirm agenda and objectives
  • Lesson 1: Background to PR
  • Lesson 2: Media planning
  • Practical exercise: Drafting a press release
  • Lesson 3: Working with PRs
  • Lesson 4: Article writing
  • Media training including video work
  • Media training review
  • Washup

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