Too busy working IN your business to work ON your business? Take ONE DAY out of your diary and let us take you through our Strategic Marketing Review. Make immediate positive changes, based on discoveries made during the session.

In today’s changing and challenging business world, it’s more important than ever to take the time to think about your business and the vital ingredients needed to build a powerful brand; how to translate business vision into marketing strategy, and how to turn that strategy into flawless execution – that cuts through and captures your customer’s imagination.


“Unlocking your marketing potential will help you stand out in a crowded market to get you best positioned to win business.”

The Strategic Marketing Review, our Signature Workshop, is a facilitated way to help you better understand your business, to help you get clarity of thought on aligning the business around your customer. It will aslo highlight how important it is to take an integrated and blended marketing / sales / customer service / product approach and on how being authentic and consistent in your communications and using great customer experience will help you drive business growth.

Are you concerned that…

  • Your go-to-market has become a routine execution of tactics with diminishing return?
  • There might not be the correct alignment between your sales and marketing?
  • Your customers are changing and you are unclear on how to stay relevant to them?
  • You are starting to see new competitors emerge, but you are unsure how to compete?
  • Your team are needing inspiration to develop new, big innovative ideas?
  • You are not sure if you are getting the best from digital or marketing investments?
  • Your channel is less engaged with you and you are not sure what to do?

Let us help you align and focus your team on the business vision and objectives and awaken the dynamic. Bring your key players together, and benefit from a facilitated, structured one-day workshop. Tailored to your business and designed to help you unlock your marketing potential, you’ll identify immediate positive changes to make to help drive business growth. Usually, by tapping more effectively into what you and your team already know!

Participants should come to the session with key facts about the business and be ready to openly discuss their business goals and challenges and ideas. If you have key agency relationships it’s helpful if a representative also attends as they may well have valuable input to provide into the process, especially if you’ve been using them to get close to your customers or channel.

Intelligence, observations and recommendations will be provided back to you in short report format. Insights gleaned can then be used by your team to drive further strategy and planning, sharpen ongoing execution, aid agency selection or support resource development / recruitment.

Workshop to be led by:
Consulting Chief Marketing Officer Jarmila Yu

One day workshop and output report costs £3,000.00 +vat +expenses. This is based on our standard day rate of £1,500.00 +vat +expenses per day. However, where ongoing engagement with our CMO Services is booked (and commenced within 30 days of the report delivery) for 4 days or more per month, the special retained day rate of £1,200.00 +vat+expenses will be applied retrospectively.


  • Introductions
  • Confirm agenda and objectives
  • Where are you coming from? Deep dive into company and product/services
  • Where do you want to go? Deep dive into business vision and goals, go-to-market strategy and marketing / sales approach
  • How are you going to get there? Review and evaluate against check list.
  • Summary of key take-away points and next steps

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