The Power of Awards

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Which “Awards” have you entered this week?

If you’re not planning to enter any awards, what’s stopping you?

Awards are an often overlooked, misunderstood and undervalued tool in the marketing toolkit. True many industry awards have become costly, many charge entry fees though not all do. And, the more cynical of us may view some as a “pay to play club”, where winners seem to be the highest paying advertising clients of the publications that run or sponsor the awards.

But what better way is there to communicate with your chosen audience, that you are operating at the top of your game. And, that they should trust you, your team, your products and your services with their business.

Naturally we all want to be the winner. Being the winner is amazing. Winning is what it’s all about. Right? Well, actually I’d argue that thinking is partially wrong! I’d like to kindly suggest you think a little differently about awards.

  1. Becoming a finalist matters. Coming first and winning is not everything. Finalist status can give your business huge marketing and PR potential in the run-up to the judging decision. REMEMBER: The clock starts ticking the second you reach that finalist shortlist. So don’t waste a moment leveraging the opportunity to talk about it.
  2. View awards as a value not a cost. Certainly if there’s no entry fee the only upfront cost is your time to pull the relevant info together. REMEMBER: Don’t dismiss the exercise as it’s invaluable in reminding yourself, your team and your customers of your business specialism and major achievements.
  3. Don’t be picky. Sure, hunt out the right ones for you and your industry, but do more than one a year (ideally many more than that) and where possible enter multiple categories. REMEMBER: Pay attention to community and local business awards too. Local matters. After all who wouldn’t want to be highlighted to a customer audience in the immediate vicinity and foster goodwill in the community.

Entering Awards is worth the effort. And, if you’ve gone to the effort make the awards process work for you. Why not include awards in your sales and marketing strategy. Give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen. You might just find that being a finalist as well as being an award winner will help you with customer acquisition and retention, employee morale and local community relations. Now how many tactics can you deploy that are truly multi-purpose and cost effective like that.

And, if you need more convincing… as few companies enter awards that makes the odds of actually winning really good!

So, tell me again which “Awards” are you entering this week?

Not sure how to integrate Awards into your marketing plan? Get in touch with me. Let’s talk about your business goals, and how to best unlock your marketing potential to grow your business and take it to the next level.

Jarmila Yu

CONSULTING CMO – YUnique Marketing LTD

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